Letter to the Editor: Easter is not about bunnies, egg hunts


It’s spring, and the beginning/renewal of life in all its beauty and complexity, is evident everywhere. Always present also, however, is death and the grave. Thus, in its temporary and fleeting state, the most precious of all things is life itself. Consider: God said that sin brought death to all mankind, and said, further, that man became a living soul. Regarding the soul,  he said that the soul that sinned would die and said further that there is none or no one that does not sin! Therefore, for each life there is the sure end called death.

We stand, therefore, without hope; separated from God, and ultimately; life. Praise God, however, in that his great love for his creation compelled him to redeem (buy back) what He lost in the Garden of Eden. The price? God set it himself and it was something only God could pay. God himself had to die! God had to shed his own life’s blood!

The fulfillment of this resolve is what Easter is about; not spring break, bunnies and egg hunts. It is about the greatest and most amazing event in all the history of mankind: a man died and was buried but he came back to life! And it was by his own power (raised himself).

How is this possible? It began at what we call Christmas. There had to first be a life for a life to die. There also had to be a lamb to sacrifice if a lamb is to be sacrificed. We know this lamb as Jesus Christ, the son of God; the God-man! For you see, he said I and the Father are one; and among his many names are Almighty God and Heavenly Father! So he was truly God, a perfect lamb without blemish or spot (sin). Consequently, on Easter, we have the victory of life over death, the grave and hell. This is the free gift of God: eternal life!

Redemption (salvation) is by believing: his life, death, resurrection and promise. Believe and live!

Rev. Jess Shifflett, Front Royal