Letter to the Editor: Fully fund the school budget


Students at Shenandoah County Schools can be proud of progress in education. Now, fewer students drop out for any reason and 93 percent graduate. Kids with illness such as diabetes, epilepsy, polio or cancer do not stay home. Deaf or blind kids are not sent to Staunton. African-American kids are not sent to Winchester.

A remarkable number contribute to the community welfare by way of church service, Scouting, and family services. Shenandoah County students volunteer to clean up the river with Friends of The North Fork of The Shenandoah River. Students have volunteered many hours at the Shenandoah Community Health Clinic. The Shenandoah Alliance for Shelter fundraiser “Empty Bowl” is staffed by student volunteers. School chorus singers perform all over for service clubs. Orchestra players volunteer at community events. Students brought people in 20 wheelchairs to a student performance recently. Presently you will find student volunteers from the Culinary Arts Department serving delicious meals to local organizations.

In the future, many of these young people will care for all of us in government, and national defense The famous Strasburg state champion wrestling teams may be negotiating the mines of Mosul. Fearless Falcon amazing girls’ basketball team players could be flying helicopters over the deserts of the Middle East rescuing soldiers. The fabulous Stonewall track and field runners may be doing the distance in the mountains of Afghanistan.. Math students may well be calculating missile trajectories from ships in the north Pacific ocean. Students will be journalists and interpreters of the defense of our nation.

Consider how our young people work for and with us right now! Do not forget how much we need their sacrifice in the future!

It is time now to fully fund the budget for the county school system so as to hire needed teachers and staff. Buildings and vehicles are needing upkeep for safety. Our children cannot wait. We can afford a little more tax to the bill.

Dr. Eloise Clymer Haun, retired pediatrician and psychiatrist,