Letter to the Editor: Lawmakers elected to represent all people

I fear the following will fall on deaf ears but as a dedicated secular humanist, this is my message to our woefully dysfunctional Congress.

In this, the most diverse country in the world, members of Congress were elected to represent all the people no matter their age, economic status, gender, sexual orientation, religiosity or lack thereof.

Representing the interests of such a diverse constituency requires that they be inclusive and tolerant. I remind them that their constituents have the same common goals and that includes jobs that pay a living wage, affordable education and health care among others.

It behooves members of Congress then to put aside their personal and political differences and work together for the benefit of all Americans using reason, compassion and empathy. It is high time for both sides of the aisle to discard partisan dogma, judge the merits of each proposal being offered and stop denigrating others with which whom they disagree.

Finally, I leave them with the words of a Buddhist homily: “May you become at all times, both now and forever; A protector of those without protection; A guide for those who have lost their way; A ship for those with oceans to cross; A sanctuary for those in danger; A lamp for those without light; A place for those without shelter; And a servant to all those in need.”

Gene Rigelon, Front Royal