Letter to the Editor: Supervisors are destroying county


On Tuesday, the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors met to discuss the tax rate for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Good grief! What a fiasco!

After listening to the senseless and self-serving debate, I asked one question of these six elected employees of Shenandoah County residents. Who are you working for?

It’s obviously clear that these supervisors are not working for the residents (the employer) of Shenandoah County – regardless of what they say.

Instead of working for the betterment of the county, three board members are working very hard to destroy the county infrastructure (not funding capital improvements), reduce the standard of living of nearly all its residents (not funding county employment), ruin the education for its current and future generations (not funding education) and endanger the safety of nearly all its residents (not funding police, fire and rescue)!

Trying to follow the disjointed debate, it was very easy to understand that supervisors need to financially support education and take advantage of the benefits of learning math; maybe that education can also help these six supervisors come to understand their civic duties as elected officials – to be active supporters of Shenandoah County’s future.

Ah … another question: do you really like living here? It sounds like you don’t!

This board is not working for its employer – the residents of Shenandoah County.
When employees don’t work for the employer, employees need to get fired!
The conversation at the back of the room on the upcoming election sounded like it was working for the county more than the discussion at the front of the room.

Really disgusted…

Lisa Currie, Toms Brook