Letter to the Editor: Trump is using blue-collar workers


We have a clown in the White House. Not a funny clown, but a dangerous, sick clown – Donald Trump.

He does not know truth from fiction. He is an habitual liar.

On the campaign trail, which by the way, he is still on since he has already signed up to run next time, he promised to build a wall. It will cost $15 billion to build up the military, $15 billion, on and on.

To pay for all of his promises, he will have to cut funding for bare necessities such as Meals on Wheels, disease control, shut-in care, plus after-school care and much, much more. Donald Trump cares only about himself and getting elected in four years.

Blue-collar workers think he is going to open up all the closed factories and put them back to work. He says outsourcing is the reason they are out of work. That is only part of the reason. The big reason is automation.

He used them to push himself into the White House and he is still using them.

June Cullers, Front Royal