Letter to the Editor: Trump raising debt by flying at taxpayer expense

On April 12, the morning news stated that the national debt is increasing out of control.  One of the reasons for this is the enormous amount of money President Trump is spending flying Air Force One all over the country to keep in contact with his personal needs.  This is the most expensive airline travel in the world.
Congress should remind him that Trump Airlines has perfectly acceptable planes to use anywhere in the United States, and if he is going someplace without official orders to do so, he should fly in one of his own planes and pay his own operating expenses.
In addition, his giving his daughter one of the offices in the West Wing of the White House to promote her line of women’s gowns is probably done to give her a really elegant address and save her expenses, thus commercializing the White House. Nothing in the U S Constitution would permit such behavior.
We, the people, need to do something about this.
Jack A. Rickel, Front Royal