Letter to the Editor: Where is our county going?


We are in a downward spiral, putting life safety of our residents and education of our youth in jeopardy! We must act proactively for Shenandoah County to become a welcoming, progressive location for businesses and residents. Proactive growth that complements our beautiful agriculture foundation will help grow the tax base and pay for needed services.

As a senior in Shenandoah County, other taxpayers paid for my education and that of my kids along with your education. This is not the time to neglect our next generation, which will be taking care of us. We seniors want to see the next generation grow and stay in the community. Unless we are a proactive community that looks to the future and plans, we will continue our downward spiral.

1. The only way we can hold down taxes is through positive economic development to improve the tax base.

2. If we don’t invest in our schools and our teachers, we will continue to spiral downward and expenses will increase exponentially. The economic and social diversity that we have makes education expensive. We must offer training for more skill-oriented jobs for those who don’t go to college. We must invest in our disadvantaged school children with special needs to make them self-sufficient for their future. This will reduce their needs in our taxpayer-funded social system.

3.We have good teachers and staff. However, we must keep them. Go behind the scenes to see how they have cut and cut to make due. If we don’t pay for today’s requirements, we will be hit with massive bills in the future. Problems don’t go away!

Public safety cannot be neglected. We must provide incentives and support for volunteers, fire, rescue and law enforcement. We cannot afford to neglect this important part of our community. How many in our county will die because of a lack of services. Will our current no-action supervisors take responsibility? The recent bickering and lack of positive government is a detractor seen by potential business prospects for economic development. We must invest our taxes for the future of education and public life safety.

Ray Powell, Woodstock