Letter to the Editor: Deny asphalt company’s request


When the new industrial park in Strasburg was proposed, it was presented as light industrial.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary online defines light industry as “Production of small goods that will be sold to the people who use them rather than to another manufacturer.”

The Online Business Dictionary defines it as  “Products tend to be targeted to end consumers rather than other businesses.”

A web search shows this definition of light industrial by a California municipality:  “The intent of the I-1 light industrial zone is to provide for wholesale and warehousing uses as well as those industrial uses that include fabrication, manufacturing, assembly or processing of materials that are in refined form and that do not in their transformation create smoke, gas, odor, dust, noise, vibration of earth, soot or lighting to a degree that is offensive when measured at the property line of subject property…”

It does not seem that asphalt production falls into this category. The decision that the town Planning Commission makes on Kickin Asphalt’s special use permit will set the tone for future development in the industrial park. The commissioners should give serious consideration to denying this special use permit.

Sixty to 70 noisy, asphalt-laden tucks per day will certainly take a toll on Borden Mowery Road. No new jobs will currently be created. Hours of operation “need to be discussed” per Kickin Asphalt’s representative.

My neighbors and I in Founders Landing do not want to live by this asphalt plant. We ask the commission to deny their application.

Diane Johnson, Strasburg