Letter to the Editor: GOP should demand Trump’s resignation


I join most mental health experts in questioning whether Donald Trump is mentally stable. He cannot control his temper, he lashes out at everyone including his own employees, and he has the temperament of a 12-year-old boy – with my apologies to all 12-year-old boys. Recently he claimed that he invented the phrase “priming the pump.” Trump’s illusions of grandeur are a danger to our country. Everything, to him, is about him and only him. He has always been only about himself his entire life.

And now The Donald is banning American reporters from the White House but allowing Russian reporters in? And congressmen and women and senators are OK with this abuse of power? His latest extremely serious lack of restraint in sharing very confidential intelligence information with the Russians (who else) demonstrates a man who has no understanding of his job and even worse, has no desire to learn. Or perhaps he is incapable of learning since he does not read and gets the majority of his information from watching television.

I hope that our Constitutional system of checks and balances protects us from The Donald’s most damaging characteristics and mental instability but the checks and balances will only work if Republican senators and congressmen step forward and demand his resignation.

Barbara Johnson, Stephens City