Letter to the Editor: Government working for the wealthy


Many of those who voted for Donald Trump are understandably beginning to question the wisdom of their vote. Trump repeatedly pledged to address the needs of Americans who rightly feel they have been left out of the prosperity enjoyed by many.  He promised “terrific, wonderful health care for everyone,” jobs and opportunities for his supporters. Granted, he has pleased his supporters with the important appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

However, the Republicans, including our Congressman, Bob Goodlatte, just voted for a health care bill that will cause millions of Americans to lose coverage and raise premiums for those over 50 or with preexisting conditions.  At the same time, this bill saves millions in taxes for the insurance companies and people making over $200,000 a year.  Mr. Goodlatte, how does that serve the best interest of the vast majority of your constituents?

In addition, President Trump and the Republicans have also reversed regulations that will result in: homeowners with FHA loans paying higher mortgage rates; removed requirements for businesses to report worker injuries; reversed orders that would have protected your internet privacy; reversed provisions that allowed small businesses to provide their employees retirement plans; removed provisions preserving internet and cable neutrality; removed national monument status from 24 large public tracks, allowing gas and mining companies to harvest their resources for their own profit; proposed massive tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthy.

What do these actions all have in common?  They all serve the best interest of big corporations and wealthy individuals at the expense of the average American!  That’s exactly the opposite of what Donald Trump and the Republicans pledged to Americans!  Watch what they do, not what they say!

All Americans deserve quality health care and to be treated fairly in our economy and in our society.  It certainly seems that the primary interest of Trump and the Republicans is the interest of big corporations and those with a great deal of wealth.  It is time for us all to demand that our government work for the best interest of all of us, not just the wealthy!

Dr. N. C. Kirkland,  Edinburg