Letter to the Editor: Hospitals celebrates EMS responders


Valley Health joins the rest of our country during the week of May 21 – 27 in celebrating the men and women who make up our network of emergency medical services.

National EMS Week presents the perfect opportunity for the medical community and area residents alike to express their appreciation for everything they do. We know their job isn’t easy, and can mean long days, interrupted sleep, adverse weather conditions and constant visual reminders of just how fragile life can be.

Whether EMS is their volunteer passion or they have made it their career, their willingness to “answer the call” has a profound and lasting impact on the lives of countless people, be they community residents, travelers passing through the call area or even their own family members or friends. By placing themselves squarely in the middle of an emergency and taking command, EMS responders bring calm to chaos. Their training and teamwork, their reassuring voice and compassionate care, bring hope to those who are often at their most vulnerable.

What they do is vitally important to the overall health and safety of our community and the patients we serve. They are a patient’s first line of defense, both at the scene and en route to the hospital. They are also an extension of the care our hospital provides and, as such, we rely on their senses and skills in the field and their collaboration to ensure a seamless transition of care at the Emergency Department.

On behalf of all those serve, we thank them for being an EMS provider. We thank them for their commitment, sacrifices and resilience. They are modern-day Good Samaritans. We are proud to work with them and hope they take pride in the role they play in building healthier communities.

Floyd Heater, president, Warren Memorial Hospital

N. Travis Clark, president, Shenandoah Memorial Hospital