Letter to the Editor: Is Goodlatte afraid to appear in public?


It is ingenuous of Cong. Bob Goodlatte to claim he doesn’t hold town halls for fear of “disruptions.”

He hasn’t held a town hall since 2013; what disruptions has he gone in fear of since then? The fact is, he is afraid of being called to account for the sorry job he is doing on behalf of the entire th District of Virginia.

How can he possibly know what we need if he doesn’t hear us out? He’s more than willing to sneak into town — any town — meet with a group of donors, or notables, or other somebodies, and then slink out. During the Easter recess he managed to slink all the way to India!

It is certainly indicative of his cavalier attitude to his district that he went merrily onto the floor of the House of Representative to vote on a bill he hadn’t even read, the so-called American Health Care Act (Assault on Health Care for America).

Marilyn Lott, Front Royal