Letter to the Editor: Lawmaker ignoring his constituents


Do you know what happens when you call Congressman Bob Goodlatte’s office to give your opinion on an issue or pending legislation?  Most likely, the answer is nothing.
According to Goodlatte’s office staff  “the congressman is very busy.” Because of his work load, and because his office doesn’t think calls from constituents are important they don’t even tally the number of calls for or against an initiative.
When you call the office and ask how and when Mr. Goodlatte will receive your concerns you are told it is being entered into the IQ system (a program used to record calls to congressman). That’s all the office will say – other then “I can’t speak for the congressman.” They won’t commit when or if the congressman will ever be notified that you called.
Now I am sure Congressman Goodlatte is very busy, but apparently he is also completely out of touch with his district, totally confident in his election funding sources (which come mainly from outside the district), and feels so secure in his job that he doesn’t have to bother with his office reporting to him how many constituents call him to relay their opinions.
It seems like he’s so certain that he knows his constituents’ views on every issue that he doesn’t have to listen when they reach out. This is not representation, this is arrogance and overreach by an out of touch representative and it affects all of us.
If you call Mr. Goodlatte’s office to tell him you support an issue – it’s doubtful he ever hears you; if you call to tell him you are against a plan or a piece of legislation – it’s doubtful he ever hears you. Your call and opinion are not even worthy of a tally mark on a piece of paper to Bob Goodlatte.
The people of the 6th District deserve a real “representative” who listens to his/her constituents. When Bob Goodlatte comes up for re-election in 2018 he will hear us – replacing him when we vote!
Trina West, Edinburg