Letter to the Editor: No probe is necessary


I read in this morning’s paper that Congress is planning a probe into why the president fired the FBI chief.

Being a conscientious citizen, I am here to help – thus saving the government millions that can be put to use, say, for people in our country who are hurting, i.e., our soldiers who return from combat and find themselves homeless and broken.

Reasons for firing Mr. Comey: Hillary Clinton’s crimes against our nation by way of emails of classified material; Bill Clinton’s “clandestine” meeting aboard the plane of Attorney General Loretta Lynch during the time of the presidential campaign; the Benghazi issues, most importantly, the murder of our diplomats.

Sure, I could add to the list, but I’ll end here, since any one of these issues, leaving persons unaccountable for transgression against our country, should warrant dismissal of the party or parties responsible.

As I understand it, the U.S. Constitution addresses all of these issues and failure to comply is an offense.

So, there you have it.

I’m sure Congress will be grateful for the time and money saved here, as no “probe” is necessary. It’s all been laid out there for months for all to see.

And I’m sure they are getting exhausted probing this and probing that. This will give them some much needed time to go on to the important issues of the day.

Feel free to call on me at any time. Be glad to help.

Chris Crawford, Woodstock