Letter to the Editor: Send Bob Goodlatte the bill


Bob Goodlatte just voted for the new American Health Care Act bill. Whether this bill becomes law or not is a moot point now. Mr. Goodlatte’s affirmative vote will stand for all time as a testament to what he represents.

If you have a preexisting disease or “condition,” you should be concerned. Your premiums can, and most likely will, increase. These diseases and conditions are quite numerous, and range from cancer or diabetes or hypertension to say, acid reflux. I would hazard to say that quite a few of us have one or more of these preexisting conditions.

If you are 50 years or older, you should be concerned. The Congressional Budget Office estimate on the prior bill was that the uninsured rate for this age group would increase from around 13 percent currently to just under 30 percent by 2026.

If you are young and otherwise healthy, you should be concerned. As the uninsured rate rises nationwide, the economic stresses on our health care system will as well. Being unable to afford ongoing care for their preexisting conditions, the uninsured who go to the emergency departments of their local hospitals will tend to be sicker. Sicker patients cost more to treat. Don’t feel complacent; we will all end up paying this bill.

Perhaps we should send the bill to Mr. Goodlatte.

Dr. Mark Pierce, Maurertown