Letter to the Editor: Take look at motive behind ‘cleansing’


Recently in New Orleans, Louisiana, several Confederate monuments were removed from a downtown park. In nearby Charlottesville, a statue of Robert E. Lee is threatened by removal by the City Council, and if moved, would be in violation of Virginia law.

My thoughts are that this is just the beginning of this type of activity from those who preach tolerance and “celebrate” diversity, only as long as you agree with them. It does remind one of how ISIS approaches history, doesn’t it?

These self-appointed warriors of social justice are engaging in an all-out assault on American history, creating and promoting a continued and growing smear campaign against leaders of America’s past in an effort to somehow mitigate injustices from the past. This is rather reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s campaign against the Jews, isn’t it?

Oh, be sure this effort will continue until the validity of the U.S. Constitution is in question and eventually demands will be made for its replacement. After all, it was drafted and approved by a group of slave-owning alt-white supremacists who killed off the Native Americans and promoted black slavery in a newly created nation! Sounds a bit crazy right now, doesn’t it?

Keep in mind that this isn’t going to stop with Confederate monuments. Oh no, this is only the beginning! Just watch it all unfold. It’s time to wake up and look a little deeper at what is the true motivation behind this “cleansing” of American history. We can either sit back and let this continue, or stop it in its tracks. This is political correctness gone wild.

Bill Wine,  Woodstock