Letter to the Editor: ‘It’s time for a change’

Editor: Stephen Nash hit a home run with his commentary in the June 8 edition. Bravo!

Years ago, when I was able to check having a portion of my federal tax return put into a campaign finance fund I was happy to do so. Then later I learned that Mr. Obama decided to not accept such funds because by doing so he would be precluded from accepting donations from other sources. After that I stopped doing the checkoff.

It is sad that poor slobs like me cannot “buy” any votes with our minuscule donations but corporations can “buy” and receive untold access to our elected officials. I no longer live in Virginia, but I have no doubt that the same situation exists here in West Virginia and elsewhere. To me this is a great wrong in the eyes of the Creator. Remember the old political slogan, “It’s time for a change.”

Bob Brookfield,Wardensville, West Virginia