Letter to the Editor: Going for broke


Desperate attempts by the Trump resistance to deny him the political pledge for which he was elected should be a wake up call for American voters. The electorate has spoken and elections do have consequences but it seems that the progressive psyche, unable to swallow a post-Obama conservative victory, has come unglued. They’ve resorted to a no holds barred, going for broke assault on President Trump that exposes them as morally bankrupt.

The ongoing barrage of false allegations and hateful attacks from the Trump opposition only delays much needed political progress in America after eight years of backing up or going nowhere. Important issues like tax reform, health care and American security all suffer the setback of  this sensationalism and underhanded effort to topple President Trump.

Obviously, two terms of Obama politics spoiled the progressive field into believing that their strategy would continue to dominate the political climate until the unexpected Hillary Clinton loss revealed the voting choice of the American heartland. At this point, without a leader and without a direction, they’ve decided to align with the mainstream news media and go for broke.

Truth, respect and decency no longer matter. Their scrambled plan calls for an all-out effort to topple the Trump administration, regardless. Apparently Eric Trump was right when he quoted, “They would rather see Trump fail than to see America succeed.”

You can’t make this stuff up. It breeds and sprouts within liberal think tanks and finds its way through the mainstream news media zoo to become mind-boggling lunacy for a morning read!

I hope people in America are watching and listening, and if they are, I hope they factor this fabricated presidential assault into their future decisions when they vote for leadership in America. They are seeing and hearing the political strategy of a party that remains in denial for losing the election to a leader who is determined to drain the political swamp and return America to a status of strength and resolve. Political parties in America should never resort to such underhanded schemes.

Leroy Donald, Stephens City