Letter to the Editor: Is the Strasburg water tower next?


I talked to an old woman and would like to share her words about Strasburg, her hometown, a historical place to live and the one thing that never changes, the big blue water tower.

This isn’t about the old woman, it’s about her hometown. She always knew she was close to home when the big blue water tower was in sight.

As a child she could see a movie at the old theater while her parents shopped. Yes, she said shopped. They could buy a bucket of paint from Artz Hardware, a pair of shoes from Lloyd’s Department Store or a pair of shoe strings from the five and dime.

She lived her entire adult life in Strasburg, a historical, peaceful town to raise her family. Her children could see a movie at the Home theater, then have a burger and fries at the Virginia Restaurant. The big blue water tower was still there.

She misses things that time has erased – the sound of the train, the nice clerks at People’s Drug Store, the cedar trees on Hupp’s Hill and homemade ketchup from the Virginia Restaurant.

She goes to Toms Brook to mail a package because there is no handicap ramp at the post office in historical Strasburg. But the big blue water tower is still there.

She said “don’t take for granted the beauty of your town,” because her hometown has changed from historical to hysterical. Someone went through with a paint brush painting crazy designs and, how dare they say one represents our river, how about the baby with a window in its face. But, the big blue water tower is still there.

Or is it?

Don’t be surprised to look up and see King Kong painted on one side and Betty Boop on the other. That’s what she told me. I won’t say any more because you might guess who the old woman is.

Writing for her,

Peggy Gleaton, Strasburg