Letter to the Editor: Plant would affect quality of life


I am writing in regards to the asphalt plant that wants to move to the industrial park in Strasburg.

First, I wouldn’t call this type plant “limited industry,” as specified as a prerequisite for this park, according to a memorandum sent out by the town manager on June 1.

Let me be clear upfront, I’m not against this particular plant. I want them to succeed, however I don’t want them in my back yard, so to speak.

Yes, I want new industry in Strasburg, however it needs to be appropriate to its location. An asphalt plant will release emissions, including carcinogens, into the air that we breathe. Granted, some can be contained, but certainly not all. People with breathing problems will by affected. not to mention the dust and noise created by 80 to 90 dump trucks in and out every day, running all day and all night except in the winter. This is seasonal work only. And as for jobs created, only four or five more people will be hired according to the plant owner.

One more concern I have –  a retention pond is in the plans for surface water runoff, so most likely this will find its way into our source of drinking water.

If this is passed, it will greatly affect the quality of life here in our quaint town.

I hope the Planning and Zoning Board, and Town Council members do their homework, and don’t be in a rush to get this through, then regret their decision later.

Martha Sinquefield, Strasburg