Letter to the Editor: Have we sold our democratic soul?


This weekend the news of the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, was startling. It’s disheartening to understand that the once world power, the United States, may be the uninvited guest who scrambles for attention and recognition when host and other guests wanted anything but a handshake and an association.

But, it’s scary – scary – to witness the spoiled boy-child in the White House shake hands with a historical and well-deserved villain. You know the old saying: shake hands with the devil and you lose…

I am the history buff – I love American history as much as I love Soviet and former-Soviet Russian history. I think American history has significant value to me because I have been across this United States several times, searching crevices and highways, climbing mountains and walking beaches. I know American history represents more to me because I have been three times to the depths of Soviet Russia, Chelyabinsk, and a city that still flies its Soviet star with pride.

Watching the G-20 Summit was alarming –  to see that spoiled boy-child gladly shake hands with the likes of Vladimir Putin, a dishonest and ruthless being who allegedly murders his opponents. I’m telling you, it’s terrifying to think that such a gesture has not repulsed our democratically elected leaders on every level from small town to national congress – repulsed and enraged. It’s worrying to think our nation has not rebelled in fury.

My mother used to always say when we shake hands with the devil, we sell our souls. Have we sold our democratic soul? Or have we stood by ignorantly watching while our democratic souls have been sold?

Lisa Currie, Toms Brook