Letter to the Editor: More gun control?


The attempted mass murder of Republicans practicing for a charity ball game by a Bernie Sanders supporter on June 14 marked a new low for the Democrats during the past eight years.

Immediately, there were calls for more gun control, which in reality is merely a convenient smoke screen to cover up the real reason for this tragedy. The gun is not the reason that this event took place, merely the object that was used. If not the gun, it could have been a knife or a car or a Molotov cocktail or perhaps a truck bomb like Timothy McVeigh used in Oklahoma City.

The real reason for this tragedy is the constant vile rhetoric spewed out by the leaders of the Democrats that finally caused this “lemming” to act. Before this latest act, other “lemmings” have resorted to several other tactics such as their numerous “peaceful marches” that, on several occasions, were accompanied with looting, burning and the destruction of personal property. Some mobs of these followers resorted to shutting down sections of cities and/or major highways. On several occasions, groups of these people, including vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine’s son, attended Republican political rallies and incited violence in an attempt to shut down these rallies.

So now, we have come to this, a new low. No, it is not the gun that is the problem. It is the ideology of the present day Democrats. Until they change their message and until this nation returns to the rule of law and order and to the practice of common decency, things will only get worse.

If gun control laws were the answer, all the Republicans had to do on June 14 was to hold their practice at a ball field in a gun-free zone!

Louis Kocon Jr. , Woodstock