Letter to the Editor: Shame on those bringing down monuments


As commander of the John S. Mosby Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans in Warren County, I want to set the record straight: we are for the preservation and upkeep of Confederate monuments, gravestones and markers, wherever they are found — whether in Warren County or abroad. In that war, thousands of men died for what they saw as the defense of their homeland. Shame on those who would denigrate or, even, bring down the monuments to their sacrifice, whether in New Orleans, Richmond or Charlottesville.

As believers in a grand and inclusive American nation, as patriotic supporters of liberty, the Sons of Confederate Veterans strongly condemn racist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan which, by their very purpose and violent behavior, seek to trample American freedoms.

Richard Bruce Colton, commander, Col. John S. Mosby Camp #1238 Front Royal