Letter to the Editor: The worst thing about Trump


There are many negative traits of Donald Trump, including his disrespect of most Americans (women, minorities, the poor, etc.), but I have to share what bothers me the most.

He does not care enough about this country to even bother learning anything about his new job. Every person I know who works full time works on Fridays. Not Trump because he has spent almost every Friday through Sunday since the election at a golf course.

Every person I know who works full time cannot spend six hours a day every day watching television.

Every person I know who works full time is working at 9:00 a.m. in the morning and does not have time to send out loony tweets.

But Trump has time to do all of these things and he is supposedly the president of the United States. Doesn’t he have some meetings to attend or some reports to read or some intel to share?

Oh, that’s right, he does share intel – with the Russians.

Barbara Johnson, Stephens City