Letter to the Editor: Time to support our schools more than ever


The story regarding the two schools in Shenandoah County whose Standards of Learning scores fell short is a call to action for our community. It is time we recognize that owe must support our schools more than ever.  Our population is changing and the work done in the schools needs to be able to reflect that change.  Standard funding formulas are just that, standard.  The standard mold doesn’t fit every child.  The standard mold is not fitting Shenandoah County.

We continue to be challenged by poverty, students who come from broken households, students who live with adults who struggle with addictions, students with disabilities in increasing numbers, and students whose first language is not English.  Therefore, let us stand up together first and support all of the schools in Shenandoah County.  We must support each and every staff member at every level, every day so they can continue to be their best for every student.

We must support a rethinking of how we do the work we do for our kids.  This rethinking is not only going to be structural in the buildings but is going to require significant investment financially.  Standard funding will get standard results.  Our data is not an outlier in the U.S., it is a representation of who our communities are and the challenges that they face.  It is time to unite us together not  divide us further. What will county residents choose?

Jonathan Nateghi-Asli, Edinburg