Letter to the Editor: Trump should move out of ‘the dump’


Abraham Lincoln said, “If once you forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem.” It is a lesson Donal Trump has not learned.

Here is a man who has no respect for the truth. His constant lies make Pinocchio blush. He has no respect for the sick. He promoted a health care law that would take health care away from 26 million. He has no respect for women. He thinks it is acceptable to grab them by their genitalia.

He has no respect for our planet. He believes global warming is a hoax, contrary to the great majority of scientists who say otherwise. Oh, and he pulled us out of the Paris climate accords.

He has no respect for our allies who have stood with us for decades. He trashes them routinely.

He has no respect for our Constitution. He thinks it is archaic and needs to be changed … except of course when it comes to the Second Amendment. He has no respect for the taxpayer as Air Force One has become his private golf cart as he shuttles between his golf courses, costing millions.

Now he has called the White House a dump, which really raises my rancor. A dump? How disrespectful to a place that is the symbol of our democracy and is appropriately called the People’s House. Mr. Trump’s  lack of appreciation for one of our great symbols and to the great men who lived there proudly is appalling.

Just maybe it became a dump when he moved in. Anyway, I have a solution for him. Since the White House isn’t good enough for him why doesn’t he move out and take his band of liars and thieves with him? I’ll help him pack.

Ron Golliday, Edinburg