Letter to the Editor: Trump unfit to hold office


Another day, another glaring example of how unfit our president is to hold the highest office in the land. His rally in Phoenix speaks for itself and is only the latest of a long list of horrors. In just over eight months, he has debased the office of the presidency, perhaps irrevocably.

He and his spokesmen/women have perfected the arts of gas lighting, whataboutism, false equivalencies, alternative facts and downright lies. At the same time, his repeated attacks on the free news media have been relentless and growing ever more strident. Any news reports counter to his views are fake, including reports on his own tweets or statements. By his standards, even our very own Northern Virginia Daily is guilty of propagating fake news. Perhaps we should all cancel our subscriptions in protest?

Where does the esteemed Bob Goodlatte stand here? Is he accepting of this “new norm,” with all of its attendant ugliness? Does he acquiesce to the fact that our system of democracy is being undermined in myriad ways? As the head of the House Judiciary Committee, he wields great power. Will he use his voice and power to uphold our Constitution or to support a rotting presidency? His silence and actions seem to be giving us his answer. How will we use our voices?

Mark R. Pierce, M.D., Maurertown