Letter to the Editor: What is the truth?


The liberal mind never ceases to amaze. We’re told we should listen to the truth seekers i.e.; scientists, journalists and academics. Their answer to gun violence is to make all law abiding citizens pay for the crimes that a few commit and ignore statistics from cities that already have the strictest gun control laws.

They don’t work, yet conservatives are the ones accused of ignoring evidence. Especially on climate change. Having said that, what rational individual wants to see crimes committed with guns? I don’t and don’t know anyone who does.

What we conservatives have a problem with is: who gets to decide which of us has the right to keep and bear arms? The cultural elite? Anthony Weiner between selfies? The Clintons when they’re not focused on Monica Lewinsky, Whitewater and Benghazi? Senators like Ted Kennedy who leave women to drown in murky ponds while they stagger off into the night? Dan Rather, the disgraced bastion of journalism who coincidentally didn’t even work for Fox?

They say we working class can’t comprehend climate change. The argument goes something like this: most of the world’s scientists believe that climate change is real and if they believe it you should too.

What if all science was conducted in this manner? You could save a lot of money by doing away with laboratories.

What if I said that the majority of the earth’s population believe in God and that if they do then everyone should?

We read lately of a Northwestern University professor and an Oxford-trained financier being arrested for the murder of a Chicago area hairdresser. Stabbed 40 times. Imagine. Are these the truth seekers who will guide us on these controversial subjects?

Incredibly, the notion that a citizen should be required to provide identification in order to vote also troubles the left. Does it seem truthful to say that just because someone is poor they have never in their lifetime had an opportunity to get an identification? Yet they are capable of comprehending weighty matters and choosing a candidate accordingly? The truth ain’t what it used to be.

Michael Dick, Front Royal