Letter to the Editor: Coming home to roost


I see from the article in today’s Northern Virginia Daily,  “Shenandoah, Frederick, Winchester down to zero ACA insurers,” that the efforts of the Republican Party, including our own U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Roanoke,  and the current administration, are coming home to roost right here in Shenandoah County. This will affect all of us, no matter who you voted for. This, unfortunately, is not fake news. This will be the equivalent of a Class 5 hurricane for many when it comes to health care or the lack thereof. The security of affordable health care will be stripped away just as assuredly as Irma has stripped away rooftops, homes and lives.

Even now, the Senate is about to consider a new bill that will effectively eradicate what remains of the Affordable Care Act.  The general idea seems to be to give the power of choice back to the states and let them determine how their populace will be insured (or not). Red states/blue states.

This is a democracy. You get what you vote for. Goodlatte is a prime example of that. He feels comfortable enough in his congressional district to support his party over the very real needs of his constituents. We are all about to experience the results of this first hand.

Keep in mind that when chickens come home to roost they tend to make a fowl mess.

Mark R. Pierce, M.D., Maurertown