Letter to the Editor: Shame! Shame! Shame!


Over the weekend, the spoiled boy-child who lives part of the time in the White House used crude and obscene language at a public meeting – a meeting where there were children. This language may be considered acceptable in a men’s club, a bar or locker room – not a public place or a place with young ears.

Regardless of topic, professional and responsible adults at public meetings do not use this language because most professional and responsible adults understand that such disgraceful language is inappropriate, rude and offensive.

So why hasn’t the Republican Party anywhere chastised this child for his use of language? Isn’t the Republican Party supposed to be founded on conservative Christian leadership that  gives backbone to Washington politics? This language does not mirror those ideas.

For this reason, I assume the party does not find fault in this person’s crude and obscene language. Shame! Shame! Shame!

I ask you to remember this party’s apathy to vulgarity when you go to the polls in November. Let’s not vote for a party that has a lack of a moral center or standards. Shame! Shame! Shame!

Lisa Currie, Toms Brook