Letter to the Editor: A need for exceptional leadership


On Nov. 7 we will exercise the obligation of citizenship and vote. We will be electing among other positions, members of the county Board of Supervisors. Now is the time for us to select the best possible leadership team for our county. My 36-year career in the Army, including three combat tours, clearly taught me that among all things, leadership is the most critical required skill in order for organizations to succeed. Our county needs strong, visionary leaders who have the passion, intellect, drive and experience to move us into the 21st century.

We need to create meaningful work for our youth, we need strong schools to enable a knowledge-based economy, we need competent medical capabilities to provide for our aging population, we need infrastructure improvements, we need team players.

We must have leaders who look to the future and seek solutions, not impose artificial barriers to the progress of our county.

What will set us apart and prepare our county for a bright future is our action in electing exceptional leaders. Leaders who have a clear understanding of what all of the people of Shenandoah County need. Leaders who have direction and vision for the potential of our county. Those who want to create work and opportunity for all. One such leader is Karl Roulston. Karl moved to the county in order to raise a family, grow a business, succeed and give back. Now he has chosen to serve.

A proven leader, Karl has a superb business in the Regulus Group providing meaningful employment for many. He has created and opened award-winning Pollywog Place in Woodstock and Strasburg to ensure our children have a safe, nourishing and educationally empowering beginning. With the Woodstock Brew House, he and others have rescued failing historic infrastructure and created a flourishing business. Additionally, Karl can be seen at the county fair, investing in FFA and 4H due to his strong belief in our youth and the county agricultural efforts. Karl Roulston is the networked, team playing, visionary leader that the county demands to move us forward.

Retired Lt. Gen. Ben Freakley, Woodstock