Letter to the Editor: Decisions can’t be made with blinders on


I was born and raised Shenandoah County. I attended Central High School, and went on to study at Virginia Tech. I was very proud of where and how I grew up. After college, I was able to work for a company based in Rockingham County and had responsibilities in Shenandoah as well – I was home in a sense. My career path moved me around the country and the experience I gained allowed me to move back home to Shenandoah County. I was lucky.

I now have children I am raising in Shenandoah County and the opportunities I had when I was younger I fear are not available to them. Our schools are not given the support they need to prepare our children for the future and we are not supporting business development or growth that could allow our children to return to or stay in the area after high school or college, much less improve prospects for those of us already here. We are poisoning the future of our families for generations down the road by the self-serving, manipulative, and unexplainable actions of some of our elected officials. We are all at fault because we elected these candidates to represent us.

Decisions cannot be made with blinders on looking at just today, or just tomorrow. Votes cannot be cast on prejudice, they must be cast on fact (i.e. the recent refusal to refinance our regional jail not only hurts our county but our neighboring ones as well). We need candidates who are worried about short term results and long-term effects. We have several existing supervisors (Ms. Bailey and Ms. Shruntz) that have proven their inability to do just that! In an effort to prevent the voters from asking questions or learning more they schedule forums they know won’t be attended and accuse other publicly accepted non-partisan forums of bias.

My vote in District 4 is for the future of this county, our residents, and our children. It’s a no brainer, because I want to be proud of this county again.

Devon Pence, Woodstock