Letter to the Editor: Our choices for governor


I recently watched a commercial for Ed Gillespie featuring the MS13 gang. The imagery and the words “Kill, Rape, Control” create a sense of foreboding and fear. The ad then accuses Ralph Northam of supporting MS13.

When challenged, Mr. Gillespie claims he endorses the ad because Lt. Governor Northam voted against a bill that would outlaw sanctuary cities in Virginia. Subtleties, such as the legislation’s questionable constitutionality or the merits of injecting state bureaucracy into local affairs to address a problem that does not exist, are not relevant. The ad is not about policy. It is a dishonest attempt to smear Northam with violent xenophobic imagery and words. It has no basis in reality. It is appalling.

When one looks at Mr. Gillespie’s background such dishonesty becomes less surprising. His entire adult career is as a political operative and lobbyist. A product of the swamp, his life’s work has been advising politicians and corporations on the use of imagery and deceit to win influence. Contrast this with Ralph Northam, who served our country in the Army, served the families of the Tidewater as a pediatric neurologist, learned the lessons of the business of medicine, then was elected to serve his district in the state Legislature and all Virginians aslieutenant governor.

The national press seems to want to frame our gubernatorial election as a referendum on president Trump. To me it is a clear choice based not on national politics, but on the character of our candidates. Ed Gillespie is a political adviser who has never served the people of Virginia, who endorses a dishonest smear campaign, and has no qualification to govern. Ralph Northam is a public servant of high integrity whom we can trust to lead the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Thomas Ball, M.D., Browntown