Letter to the Editor: Public schools are not free


Three months ago my family and I moved from Woodstock to Florida. During our house hunt we told our Realtor, “we only want to look at houses that have A-rated schools.” Currently, Shenandoah County does not have A-rated Schools and to go a step further there are two schools that that are not even accredited.

There is a great misconception that public schools are free. Schools are supported by a local tax base as well as federal and state dollars. I now pay more property taxes in Florida. However, our new school has current technology, books from this century, instruments for all during music class, copy and laminating paper for the teachers, working air conditioning and heating in buildings, roofs that don’t leak, buses with seat belts, etc.

Please notice I did not say better teachers. We had the most amazing teachers at W.W. Robinson. When you don’t give teachers the proper tools they cannot build what you are asking them to. I will say it again, public school is not free! Shenandoah County Schools are not given the amount of funding needed to truly cover all aspects of learning for their students.

If the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors stay on the same path – you, the voter, will soon see that families will not want to move to Shenandoah County. You will see your property values decrease drastically. Instead of a potential tax increase of $200, your housing values will go down by potentially 20 percent. So, on a $200,000 house you will lose a value of $40,000. Make a difference with your vote in November.

Pam Kassis, Wellington, Florida, and former 10-year resident of Woodstock