Letter to the Editor: Supervisor elections are important


The upcoming elections for Shenandoah County Board of Supervisor Districts 1, 4, and 5 are of extreme importance.

The outcomes will determine in which direction this county will proceed.

A return of Ms. Bailey and Ms. Shruntz to office, in conjunction with the election of Ms. Kwiatkowski, will begin the process of a complete return to responsible, effectual, and unobstructed government. They will succeed in properly fulfilling their elected role in regard to budgetary decision making, which is to carefully identify budget priorities and limits. Hard work. Time consuming. But they will do it, unlike some of their counterparts who indolently and arbitrarily raise taxes.

They will make economic development a top priority, the success of which will alleviate the stifling real estate tax burden on county citizenry. The alternative to Bailey/Shruntz/Kwiatkowski would be a return to copious and annual tax increases, made requisite by increased government expansion and expenditures.

The choices are well-defined. Vote Nov. 7.

Mike Wakeman, Edinburg