Letter to the Editor: Tax cuts would expand American dream in Virginia


Recently, it seems like the country is on fire – with protests flaring up and partisan bickering injected into almost every federal policy debate.

While those issues need to be addressed, Virginians like to keep things simple. All they want is a good home to raise their family, a career that provides a comfortable life for their children, and the ability to pursue the American dream.

And the biggest obstacle to making this a reality for more people is the high federal tax burden placed onto our state’s small businesses that employ almost half of Virginia’s workforce. Tax cuts for these job creators would mean employing more people, raising wages, and expanding their operations.

It would also mean economic growth that would counter initial government revenue loss. Kick-starting the economic engine with tax cuts is a win-win. Consumers and small business entrepreneurs can keep more money in their pockets and our government and schools will continue to be funded sufficiently.

Successfully running a small business is the quintessential American dream and easing their ability to expand will provide the tools to make the American dream a reality for so many other Virginians.

Michael Webert, Virginia House of Delegates,  R-Marshall, 18th District