Letter to the Editor: Time for positive change


In District 4, constituents have repeatedly asked that their elected supervisor do her homework when it comes to making critical funding decisions for our schools – tour all schools and campuses, collaboratively work with the School Board and administration, think strategically to accommodate innovation in education and showcase Shenandoah County as a family oriented, quality community to attract businesses and a wider tax base. Instead, we’ve experienced a very troubling time in our local government. Gridlock, power plays, personal insults and a “gotcha” mentality have disgracefully represented Shenandoah County in the headlines of our newspapers for all of Virginia to see.

Sure, it’s easier to kick the can for the next generation instead of making the hard decisions it takes to acknowledge and address the immediate and future needs of our students, staff and school facilities. Instead of coming to the table with a predetermined “No” and intentionally turning a blind eye to the needs of our schools, let’s elect leadership willing to be in our schools, not only to share the joys and successes, but see the sacrifices as well.

Let’s hold our supervisors accountable to fully serve in their elected role, instead of refusing meaningful committee work. Instead of hurling ugly insults, let’s establish professional working relationships for the good of all citizens, not just those with like minds. Let’s have confidence and respect for the capable, hard-working experts employed in our county departments instead of pushing personal opinion as concocted fact.

We expect leadership to ask tough questions and make tough decisions, but do their homework first. We deserve leadership that’s committed to working for Shenandoah County, not micromanagers fixated on working against citizens by prioritizing campaign rhetoric over the health of vital county services including education, emergency services and economic development.


For the past four years, the supervisor in District 4 has been making consequential budgetary decisions that seriously impact education without ever having toured our schools as a supervisor. It’s time to elect someone willing to do their homework. Vote for positive change in Shenandoah County this November.

Katie Freakley, Woodstock