Commentary: We need to stop the nightmare

I assume that we all expect the most powerful leader on the planet, our president, to be unquestionably stable.  If a family member were creating and living an alternate reality, I would hope we would react positively and get help.  We must become “parents’ to this man/child whose reckless, unpredictable, bizarre behavior will only grow worse so long as we normalize it.  Over time this acceptance will make us abnormal by accepting his actions and reactions as normal.

As “parents,” we need to rein him in and stop this never-ending nightmare.  It’s like witnessing an endless stream of fireworks losing its entertainment value.  It’s no longer a pretty sight, but a dangerous one.

Dare I say the word “impeachment?”  I believe it’s inherent upon us to give this serious consideration.  I find it sad that two Republican senators, Bob Corker and John McCain, have only recently spoken freely because one is not running for re-election and the other probably won’t run again in 2022.  Congress must protect our nation, not their political futures.  I, like Bob Corker, fear that President Trump’s actions could set us up on a path to another world war.

Some have suggested that the 25th Amendment’s use could be appropriate.  Is he really able to discharge the duties of his office?  It’s too late for “rehab.”  I wonder how long it might take for special committees/agencies to reach some other possible conclusions.  I’m nervously waiting.

I see President Trump as dangerous, especially in his taunting of the other North Korean man/child who seems “unglued” also.  I always entertained the notion that perhaps a meteorite might end our species, but I now think of the possibility of one man’s ignorance and spite starting another world war.

President Trump is like a growing ember, dismantling and destroying whatever lies in his path – structures like freedom of the press, human rights, etc.  He operates with an entitled, above the law mentality.  I believe him to be ignorant and unwilling to do the really hard work of being president.  He needs to read and “keep up” and surround himself with knowledgeable persons who have no ill will.  I see him using tweets as an avoidance tool for really addressing serious concerns.  He has no repertoire for doing his job.

He seems to enjoy keeping the world on tenterhooks as when he taunted us about “the calm before the storm -you’ll see!”  He has emboldened people like Steve Bannon and his ilk to promote narrow nationalistic isolationist, xenophobic ideas which are passe.  We must live in the present world, not the past.  We’re all one race – the human race and are an interconnected species, living on this speck of a planet.

Where is our dysfunctional Congress?  These “Rip Van Winkles” are still asleep at the wheel.  The president is actively trying to gain control over the other two branches of government and is overt in this mission.

Congress’s only game is re-election.  Why don’t we insist on term limits and campaign finance reform?  Congress always seems to be on vacation anyway.

Am I an alarmist?  Time will tell.  I don’t think so, but I believe it to be better to get ahead of the “regrets.”  I think other nations are also nervous over the possibility of setting events in motion that could be irreversible.  I debated whether to write this, but I’m pressing “send.”  I’d rather be alarmist than regretful for remaining silent.

Linda Jo Norris is a Maurertown resident.