Letter to the Editor: Ad misrepresents the facts


The television ad sponsored by Ed Gillespie says Democrat Ralph Northam was the deciding vote in favor of sanctuary cities that let dangerous illegal immigrants back on the streets. When I saw the ad and the “tweet” by President Donald Trump, I decided to investigate the information.

Northam as lieutenant governor, only votes when there is a tie in the state s enate. The tie occurred when Thomas Norment, the Republican majority leader, voted with Democrats against the bill, causing a 20-20 split. Northam voted against the bill, breaking the tie. Norment then moved to hold another vote. Norment changed his vote and voted for the bill.

Why did Norment vote with the Democrats and then call for another vote and subsequently changed his vote the second time? Norment’s actions and motives were highly questionable.

Why does Ed Gillespie say “Ralph Northam was the “deciding vote” in favor of sanctuary cities that let dangerous illegal immigrants back on the streets?” This is misleading given the circumstances surrounding the actual vote.

I was not aware that Virginia had any sanctuary cities. Further investigation revealed that indeed Virginia does not have any sanctuary cities. So why was there a bill? Again, what were the motives behind the vote of this bill?

This type of advertising is misleading, which shows how low politicians will stoop. This type of advertising should not be allowed. Before television stations allow political ads, the information on the ads should be verified. Obviously no fact checking was done on this ad. With all the technology and information available, all advertising should be checked for its credibility.

I think Ed Gillespie should retract this ad as the ad misrepresents the facts of the actual vote and can be construed as “fake news.”

Joy Bauserman Woodstock