Letter to the Editor: Candidate has much to offer


There are three candidates seeking election to the School Board in District 5.  While they all seem to be genuinely interested in what is best for the students of Shenandoah County, I feel that there are several things that set Chris Boies apart from the others as the best candidate.

In his position as vice president of Financial and Administrative Services at Lord Fairfax Community College, Chris works to develop budgets, maintain educational facilities, and oversee safety among other things. This background will certainly be an asset to him on the School Board.

Chris has a variety of perspectives on education.  His work at LFCC gives him the perspective of what high school graduates need to have to be successful in higher education.  He has three children, ranging in age from middle school to preschool, so he is in touch with what is happening in our schools through his children.  In addition, he is currently working toward a doctoral degree in education at Shenandoah University, so he is knowledgeable of current educational policies and trends.

Chris is currently working on his dissertation, the topic of which is employee job satisfaction. What a great topic to have expertise in with the teacher turnover rates that the county has experienced in the past few years!

I have served on several school committees with Chris. He has the ability to work with different people, listen thoughtfully, think outside the box, and work toward compromises.  His service on these committees has helped him gain an understanding of some of the issues that our school system is facing.

I feel that these attributes make Chris Boies the best choice for the District 5 School Board seat.  He has the knowledge, skill set, and leadership qualities we need.  He has a lot to offer the schools of Shenandoah County!

Connie Fravel, Strasburg