Letter to the Editor: Good schools attract business


One of the most important tasks of a region is to provide its citizens with a workable, comprehensive, public school system. Good schools build upon the gifts and talents of students to prepare them to be contributing members of a community. Good schools attract business and industry to a region assuring economic development. Good schools rely on insightful leadership by individuals who have a clear understanding of budget, facilities management, program development, complex personnel issues and a demonstrated compassion for a culture of learning.

Chris Bois, who is a candidate for the Shenandoah County School Board, has the qualifications to provide the effective leadership needed to propel a school system to excellence. In his job as vice president of Lord Fairfax Community College he has been writing and developing public budgets, managing large school facilities, overseeing human resource programs, and ensuring school safety.

In addition, as the current president of the Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce, he can strengthen partnerships between the school system and Lord Fairfax Community College, the business community and other organizations in our community. As a doctoral candidate Mr. Bois knows the power of having a prepared mind. As the father of three daughters who attend Shenandoah County Public Schools he has a vested interest in serving a system that provides good schools for its citizens.

Please consider the qualifications of Chris Bois when voting on Nov. 7.

Ann Currie, Toms Brook