Letter to the Editor: Karma is wonderful

It was heart warming to see the huge turnout in the statewide elections – especially by women voters.
Most women are appalled that we have a suspected sexual assaulter in the White House (I say suspected even though he admitted it on the “Access Hollywood” tape and many women came forward to testify that he in fact assaulted them). He is someone who has treated women with disdain and disrespect his entire life. That’s why the Election Day race where a young African-American woman beat a long-standing white Republican who had mocked the women’s protests with vile facebook postings is karma. That’s why the transgender woman who beat the old white male Republican who called himself the homophobe in chief and who submitted the ridiculous bathroom bill in Virginia last year is karma.

Our country became great because of our compassion and caring for others, not hatred and bigotry. And make no mistake about it, women in this country are going to take it back from old rich white males who constantly whine about others while not doing anything to resolve our issues. Welcome to the real America, Donny Trump.

Barbara Johnson, Stephens City