Letter to the Editor: Leave monuments, memorials alone


There are some 80 million descendants of Confederate veterans living today. We are almost all hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding people happy to be citizens of these great United States of America — trying our best to make a better future for our children and grandchildren.

But we abhor the actions of the far right — KKK, Nazis, skinheads, etc. — as well as the actions of the far left — Antifas, Black Lives Matter, etc. At the same time, we revere our history and our ancestors.

I have two great-grandfathers and four great-uncles — all Confederate veterans — buried in four private cemeteries in Fort Valley. There are a few more veterans from other sides of the family buried elsewhere. Memories of the destruction, looting, and burning of the valley are not that far removed.

Each of our counties has its own Confederate museum and burial grounds as do a number of valley towns. We are blessed with preserved battlefields and sites that support regular tours, speaker programs, and reenactments. Several Confederate round-tables still meet and there are university courses available, especially at Shenandoah University’s McCormick Civil War Institute. All these things draw in thousands of tourists annually.

Think of all the street names, buildings and places connected with the war between the states. Many families cherish memorabilia of the war. I’ve read that some 50-60 thousand books and treatises have been written on the subject.

And there are those who want to take all this away from us? History happens in the context of its times. Those who want to change, bend, warp and even erase the past to benefit their own motives are to be condemned. And so are the do-gooders and politically correctors who are acting enablers. Columbus has been trashed, and now they’re poking at George Washington and the heroes of the Alamo. Where does it all end?

We speak for the monuments and memorials who are silent themselves. Leave them alone, especially the politicians pandering to the alt-left. Reconcile yourselves with the past and move on — so that we can all concentrate on striving to make this a better future world for our brief passage through it!

Robert M. Cullers, Front Royal