Letter to the Editor: Look to action, not just words


Unlike most candidates for statewide office, I have known Jill Vogel, who is running for lieutenant governor, personally for many years. Her family is from the Shenandoah Valley and runs a successful local business. During a summer break in college, I interned in Jill’s law firm. I witnessed firsthand the high ethical standards by which Jill Vogel operates. She is exactly the sort of smart, successful businesswoman with great integrity we need in Richmond.

To say that Richmond needs Jill Vogel is true, but our Shenandoah Valley needs her as lieutenant governor even more. I bet most people cannot name the last person elected to statewide office from the Shenandoah Valley (Harry Byrd Jr., who left office in 1983). It has become increasingly clear that most politicians in Virginia do not know the difference between Western Virginia and West Virginia. Jill Vogel lives here, has repeatedly campaigned in the Shenandoah Valley, and – most importantly – was raised with our shared values.

Now, I would be remiss not to mention that Ed Gillespie held an event in Warren County just last month, at the height of the campaign; and John Adams, who headlined last year’s John Smedley Pig Roast, has campaigned actively in the valley. If you want to know who cares about the Shenandoah Valley, look to action, not just words.

Daryl Funk, Front Royal