Letter to the Editor: My vote will be based on facts


Pushed on voters as if it were fact, Ms. Bailey’s advertisements and mailers have told us what Mr. Roulston will and won’t be voting for if elected. The unsubstantiated claim that Mr. Roulston is nothing more than just another “good ole boy” seems to be the only argument with which Ms. Bailey is running her campaign against her opponent.

The fact is Ms. Bailey has an already established voting record of a predetermined “no” with dangerous calls for cuts to the services our community depends on.

The fact is Mr. Roulston is above and beyond qualified to do the job, brings a positive, willing and collaborative attitude, years of leadership experience and is committed to the well-being of Shenandoah County. His business and economic development successes speak for themselves. His already proven dedication to our community is obvious. He clearly laid out his beliefs, goals, objectives and vision throughout his campaign, especially at the candidate forum that Ms. Bailey skipped.

In an election this important, my vote will be based on facts, not assumptions used to mislead, intimidate and scare voters.

Stuart Freakley, Woodstock