Letter to the Editor: Board deadlocked too many times


“The future depends on what we do in the present.”– Gandhi.

November 7  we will be making an important decision about the future of Shenandoah County. We are at a juncture where our needs are increasing but the means to get them done are decreasing. Over the past three years our Board of Supervisors have been deadlocked too many times. Financially, we are not able to find any compromise. The root cause of this has been Cindy Bailey and Marsha Shruntz. No, no, no, level funding, and cuts!   Those famous words. How can we let this go on? Our county is paying the price.

Character, leadership, relationships, and respect are qualities we look for in our elected leaders.  Morris, Neese, and Roulston have a proven record working with people. They compromise, they listen, they build relationships, and most importantly they lead. This is the kind of team that will tackle hard issues, make the tough decisions now, and will lead our county to a positive future.

Jonathan Nateghi-Asli, Edinburg