Letter to the Editor: Shenandoah County needs fresh ideas


District 5 Supervisor Marsha Shruntz has only been on the Board of Supervisors a short time, less than four years. She has battled many times with the board’s “old school” mentality of spend, spend, spend. This spend, spend, spend attitude shows no concern that the average taxpayer has a hard time paying these ever-increasing personal property taxes. Try thinking outside the box.
Shenandoah County, with it’s present tax base, does not have a money problem but a problem of no “fresh” ideas as to how best to spend the monies it now receives yearly and how to get more money without increasing real estate taxes. Try thinking outside the box.
Career politicians have a habit of becoming secure where they are and how they think about money issues. Voters have short memories of previous actions so why should the career politician worry. Shenandoah County does not need more career politicians but “fresh ideas.” Try thinking outside the box.
Voters need to call upon their long-term memories before voting. Don’t make a costly mistake. Think long term.
George Burgess, Maurertown