Letter to the Editor: Stand against hate, division by voting


I’m the father of twin sons who have seriously disabling autism. Caring for special needs individuals makes me take very personally issues of health care and the role of public services. I trust Dr. Ralph Northam to look out for the health needs of all Virginians. I’m also convinced of his ability to govern successfully.

His history of helping others speaks for itself: Army doctor, pediatric neurologist and volunteer director of a hospice center for children. His record in the state senate shows a rare talent to work across the aisle, perhaps most notably in shepherding the restaurant smoking ban into law. Such clear-cut centrism led the Republicans for a time to try tp get him to switch parties. What a contrast with his current opponent: a lifetime political operative and lobbyist who resorts to fear mongering ads.

I know there’s a lot of politics fatigue among the electorate. Please don’t tune out to the point of not voting. There’s too much at stake in state and local races. Please stand up against hate and division by voting Nov. 7 for good governance.

Eric Olson, Front Royal