Letter to the Editor: Trap-neuter-release program works


I hesitated to write after reading the letter from Teresa Chagrin on behalf of PETA a few weeks ago regarding a positive rabies case in Winchester. She refers to the trap-neuter-release (TNR) as “cruel and misguided.” Knowing the statistics of PETA’s “shelter” and reading their comments regarding the Iditarod, I felt the need to comment.

All Virginia shelters have to report to the state Department of Agriculture and all of those numbers are available online for anyone to see. I encourage anyone to look at statistics for PETA as well as their own financial reports. Our local shelters put them to shame! They spent over $9 million last year putting on their shows of naked women and such in public places! And who knows the total they’ve spent on trying to convince people to go vegan. Yet they euthanized 557 out of 892 dogs they took in and 854 cats out of 1,071! They only adopted out 30 dogs and 27 cats. Most of the rest they placed in other shelters in Virginia! Helping a lot, aren’t they?

New research is showing that cats that are behind on their rabies vaccinations still have adequate rabies neutralizing antibody titers and are still protected. There goes PETA’s theory about re-trapping and giving boosters. They would just rather you euthanize them all. The TNR programs are proven to work. What would work even better is more programs to help with the cost of spaying and neutering.

Regarding the Iditarod, like any sport you have bullies, cheaters and crybabies. Most of the mushers would feed their dogs and go hungry themselves if it came to that. The dogs love the mushing and would not be happy if they weren’t doing what they love.

I am an animal lover, but I am also a person eating tasty animals and using every piece and part of that animal. I do not believe in abusing animals, but I do believe in the chain of life.

If you want to give your money to a cause that works and is local, choose one of these! Chagrin, you should be chagrined!

Renee Hawkins, New Market