Letter to the Editor: We who support the president


I voted for President Trump and I believe he is fighting very hard for the American people to have a better life,  including Republicans, Democrats and independents.

He is not a cut and polished politician. He sometimes says things and uses language he shouldn’t when he is talking about issues he feels very passionate about, such as God, country and yes, our flag.

I believe he is a good businessman and that is what we need. Taxes, debt, health care and spending are why I voted for him.

I’ve heard more prayers and glory to God from the White House in the last months than I have during the previous eight years. Yes, I think we chose the right candidate.

I believe God must be with him to have overcome all of the battles in his path, even to win the office of president.

Maybe we can all pray for President Trump and his leadership for our country and be a little forgiving of the rough edges.

May God continue to bless America and her people.

Doris B. Morris, Toms Brook